Our Services

We pride ourselves on delivering timely, consistent, quality service that is personally tailored to our clients’ individual needs. We make management decisions together in order to achieve the long-term goals of our clients and maximize returns over the life of their investments.



The value of a real estate investment is directly affected by virtually every phase of a property’s administration.  ECM has developed administrative procedures, policy formats, and accounting techniques that ensure a complete and precise economic portrait of each of our clients’ properties.



Every management agreement signed with ECM establishes a fiduciary relationship between ECM and our owners’ properties.  Accounting for and protecting the funds of the property owner are among our most important responsibilities.



We believe that regular participation in the day-to-day operations of a building is the real key to tenant satisfaction and retention.  Our goal is to optimize an investment’s potential through skilled oversight in order to ensure a smooth-running facility.  Our approach is hands-on, our personnel are experienced and knowledgeable, and our procedures have been tried and tested.

administrative services include:

  • Set up and maintenance of complete property records and data files, including all leases, rental agreements, contracts, and other important property and legal documents

  • Monitoring and implementation of lease provisions such as rental increases, option notices, renewals, and other time-critical actions

  • Preparation and supervision of procedures, regulations, and building policies for standard operating rules and regulations, fire/safety regulations, and tenant-to-tenant matters

  • Processing of insurance premium payments, renewals, recommendations, claims, violations, and other compliance issues

  • Administration of ongoing tenant matters, such as expansion and growth within the property, on-site building issues, and lease compliance items

operational services include:

  • Evaluation and determination of the property’s current and future needs based on ownership objectives

  • Supervision of building maintenance and maintenance of the mechanical equipment (i.e. HVAC, electrical and plumbing)

  • Coordination and supervision of the general services needed to maintain and enhance the building, including Janitorial Services, Elevator Maintenance, Security, HVAC, Parking Lot Maintenance, Rubbish Removal, Pest Control, and Landscaping Maintenance;

  • Regular building inspections to ensure that contractors are providing acceptable service and to identify maintenance needs before they become operational problems

  • Preparation of specifications and solicitations for regular contracted services and/or periodic repairs (i.e. parking lot repairs/replacement)

  • Coordination of building supply purchases (any discounts or savings realized are credited to the building)

  • Supervision of remodeling and construction services provided by contractors, including preparation of written bids and estimates prior to commencement

  • Ongoing communication with tenants to ensure that tenants’ service expectations are being consistently met

financial services include:

  • Monthly Landlord Operating Statements showing income and expense

  • Monthly tenant rental statements detailing any additional charges, tenant bill-backs, cost-of-living increases, etc

  • A separate bank account for the deposit of all funds and revenue

  • Monthly reconciliation of bank statements and timely resolution of any rental payment delinquencies

  • Preparation and execution of legal documents (under the guidance and assistance of legal counsel) for action items requiring legal remedy, including Unlawful Detainer, rent collection, and court appearances as required

  • Tenant correspondence regarding computation of annual increases, expenses pass-through adjustments, and other tenant obligations

  • Review and payment of building expenses

  • Preparation of an annual operating budget based on short and long term ownership goals

  • Preparation and distribution of year-end 1099’s and other required tax-related items